Take me to your leader...

As a producer/ engineer  I have recorded thousands of tracks for hundreds of artistes some of which include: Kids on Bridges (also as a writer and performer) The Virginmarys, Bright Young People, The Hicks, Paul Glover, Sunlighter, The Lottery Winners, Boomin, The Universal, Red Eyed Jedi, Arkanes, Boss Keloid, The Book Thieves, Mark Charpil Project, Charl Pilwan, Shooting Pigeons, Paul Sumner, The Frank Flight Band,  Damaged Gods, Patrick Leagus, Six Comm, Mother Destruction, ACL, Monkey Steals the Drum, Crows in the Cornfield, Obelisks, Caroline England, Mr Yipadee, Beth And The Bobcats, The Coburn Brothers and Former Miss America are just a few that spring to mind.

Producers I have worked with over the years as an artist/performer (a long time ago I might add!) include Dave Bottrill, Steve Dub, Craig Pruess, Mike Score, and Dave Dix. You can easily Google each of these guys and check out their individual discographies, but their credits include artistes like, Peter Gabriel, Smashing Pumpkins, King Crimson, The Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Flock of Seagulls, Bats for Lashes and just like Ronco... many, many more. Labels and organisations I have worked for include: Universal, EMI, Wall Of Sound, Nervous Records, Robot, Juice Music, Dedleg, Conchord, Sanctuary, Rise, Acuff Rose, Rock Fm, XFM, Jazz FM, Yamaha/Alive, numerous local authorities and tons of management companies.

I work as a remixer with under three guises, KOB (or Kids On Bridges)  Funky Nation (which came from the short lived MCM team) and finally Atom Drops which is my own remix/dub name.   I have recently remixed three versions of "Calling All Nations" for  INXS  for the 25th Anniversary of Kick, various songs for Zigaboo Modeliste  (The Meters, Dr John etc) Brooklyn Soul Biscuits, The Monks Of Mellonwah, Sunlight Square, The Chevin, All Mankind, Electric Empire, Beverly Knight, Cool Million, and New Groove Formation. This list is by no means comprehensive,and of course is constantly being added to. Personally, I've been in signed bands on independent and major labels, have worked as a session guitarist, programmer, and live engineer, and still keep my hand in playing bass guitar and keys. I think the point I'm trying to hammer home here is "bags of experience!" Alien Sound Recording Studio was established in 1997 in Skelmersdale, originally as a 16 track analogue facility, then 3 years later moved to Bickerstaffe. The present incarnation in Lathom was opened in 2007 and is improving all the time, especially with the latest V3.3 upgrade. New console, microphones, more space and improved acoustics in the live and control room.